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What does Nick Saban have to say about Second Chances? And how does this relate to criminal law?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Most people are quick to criticize and complain. When a young man finds himself on the back end of a mistake he may find himself on the wrong end of the law. Nick Saban is the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and is widely considered the best college football coach of his era, if not all time. He is a passionate advocate for college athletes and giving people a second chance. Some call him selfish, believing that it is simply about keeping the best players on the field for his teams. Check out this video of Nick Saban describing his thoughts on second chances.

Nick Saban is always thinking about the goal. In this case the goal he has for every player to achieve for themselves and to be a productive and successful person on and off the football field. If the goal isn't to throw the person away but to have them be a success, then it doesn't make any sense to kick him off the football team. It makes sense to help the player address their failures and work to correct their actions. The same is true for many young men who are not fortunate enough to be on a great football team.

Most in society are quick to rush to judgment and punishment for wrongs. While there is a place for punishment and all actions have consequences, your life shouldn't be over because of a single mistake. Whether it's cancel culture or a criminal conviction, people need second chances. We are all fallen creatures and every person carries the inherent value imparted to them by God. Everyone should enjoy the presumption of innocence and then if appropriate, the opportunity to correct their actions.

At Brian Foley Law PLLC I fight for people who need a second chance and deserve to have an advocate passionately defend them and help get their life back on the right track. You cannot change the past and nobody can predict the future, but you can make your best effort at the task that is in front of you right now. Consistency in performance and effort, and the discipline to do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it, the way you are supposed to do it, is what separates winners from losers and can help you get back on the right track no matter what you are trying to accomplish. It's true in college football and it is true in life.

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