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Avoiding a DWI License Suspension: ALR hearings.

If you've been arrested for a DWI the first decision you have to make is normally made on your own. The officer puts you in cuffs and then reads you a form called the DIC-24. It talks about what happens if you refuse to give a breath or blood sample, namely that the officer is going to take your driver's license and it is going to be suspended. If you refuse to provide a sample then the officer will give you another form called a DIC-25 which serves as a temporary driver's license for the next 15 days.

But did you know that you can fight the license suspension and you can also get a leg up on your case? Hiring a lawyer quickly is a great idea if you were arrested for DWI. Unlike other types of charges your lawyer can file a request for a hearing, question the police officer, and try to prove that there was no reasonable suspicion to pull you over, no probable cause to believe you were intoxicated and hopefully save your driver's license.

A secondary benefit for a DWI client with a lawyer who requests and attends an ALR hearing is that your lawyer gets to see how the officer is going to answer questions under cross examination and even lock down his testimony in a way that could swing the case in your favor before a prosecutor even looks at the video.

If you've been arrested for DWI and refused to provide a sample call the Montgomery County and Conroe Criminal Defense Attorney that can ensure your deadline does not expire. Call Brian Foley Now. 936-596-0407.


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