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Vehicular Crimes Team

When Brian was a prosecutor in Montgomery County he was selected to be a member of the vehicular crimes team.  The vehicular crimes team members were dispatched to the scene of intoxication offenses that involve serious bodily injury or death.  Brian got hands on experience from the beginning of police investigation and prosecution and has the knowledge and training that can make the difference in your case.  

Brian has literally trained the people who are likely testing your blood if you've been pulled over for a DWI in Montgomery or Harris County.  He knows the ins and outs of intoxication offenses and most importantly how a jury views the evidence presented and the defenses available at a criminal trial.  


Brian is Board Certified in Criminal law and has top ratings from Avvo and Justia in Montgomery or Harris County. 


Don't wait to get started and get the help you deserve.

Conroe DWI Attorney
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