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Conroe Criminal Defense Attorney - Theft Charges and Expunction

Conroe Criminal Defense Attorney - Brian Foley

Theft charges can be some of the most challenging criminal cases to deal with long term. A theft conviction can follow you for the rest of your life and cost you thousands in lost job opportunities. The number one crime for which employers choose not to hire is theft. Theft is called a crime of "moral turpitude" which means it can be used against you in future legal proceedings under Rule 608 of the Texas Rules of Evidence.

Clients who have been charged with theft have often had life circumstances that were unusual at or near the time of the arrest. What happened isn't the norm for them and it is unlikely to happen again. Most people just need a second chance.

When you are charged with theft in Montgomery County, Conroe, The Woodlands or the surrounding area your options may be better than you think. The first thing that you need to know about the criminal process is that the prosecution has the burden of proof. The prosecutor has to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before you can face any conviction or punishment. Because of this it is important to get a criminal defense attorney that understands the prosecutor's perspective and how they view evidence in criminal cases.

The first step in defending a theft charge is to review the evidence that there was intent to steal. What does the video show if there is one? What is the credibility level of the witnesses if any? And finally what is the character and reputation of the client who has been accused? Many times the positive factors that a person has shown over their life can persuade a prosecutor to give an offer of conditions for dismissal.

If an offer of conditions for dismissal has been negotiated by your attorney and you complete the conditions you will be eligible for an expunction. This is the best possible result you can get in a criminal case as an expunction forces the government agencies that recorded your criminal history information to delete their records.

If you have a friend or loved one who has been charged with theft in Montgomery County, Harris County, The Woodlands, or Conroe, call Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Foley today and claim your free consultation. 936-596-0407

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