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Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorney - Where to park by the Montgomery County Courthouse.

If you have court at the Montgomery County Courthouse it can be very tempting to use the 2 hour parking spots that are all around the courthouse complex. They are close and convenient. However if you have a criminal case that you are going to appear for in court then I would suggest parking somewhere else. The reason is because docket starts at 8:30, 9:00, or 1:30 in the afternoon and will last either all morning or all afternoon. This will leave you little to no time as the docket moves on into the afternoon or later morning. Worse you may have to leave court to move your car and then walk all the way back. If the judge calls your case while you're out at your car this could be very embarrassing when you return.

The best place to park is in the jury parking lot to the south side of the courthouse complex. It starts at the red box on the bottom of the below picture. There is also a church parking lot at the top of the map highlighted in red. This parking lot is frequently open and is the closest available lot on most days.

If you have court in a felony court they are likely to call attendance as soon as docket begins. This means if you are late for court they will forfeit your bond and you could end up in jail again. Don't take the risk and make sure to get there early.


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