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PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorney THC

PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorney - Brian Foley Board Certified Criminal Defense attorney.

The criminal justice system has many different acronyms. Sometimes an offense is named from nothing but abbreviations and acronyms. PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G is one such crime. It is typically charged in Montgomery County, Texas because of someone's possession of a THC vape pen or gummy or other non marijuana plant based substance containing THC.

PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G stands for Possession of a controlled substance in Penalty Group 2 with a weight of one gram or more but less than 4 grams. This is the most common wight to be charged with in Montgomery County, The Woodlands, or Conroe Texas. The reason is because this is the approximate weight for a THC vape pen cartridge is between 1 and 4 grams. If the weight is less than one gram then you could be charged with a lesser state jail felony. If greater than 4 grams then it could be a 2nd degree felony.

The punishment range for PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G is that of a third degree felony. That means that the minimum punishment is 2 years in prison and the maximum punishment is 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine or up to 10 years probation.

If you are convicted of a felony offense in Texas you will lose the right to possess a firearm under federal and Texas law. PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G could also lead to the loss of job opportunities and student loan qualifications.

A criminal defense attorney can review the evidence and law to determine if your case is eligible to be dismissed because of police misconduct, illegal search and seizure, and lack of probable cause or reasonable suspicions to initiate a traffic stop. If certain conditions are found in your case then your case may be eligible to be dismissed or offered a reduction in punishment. The State of Texas has an obligation to deliver the evidence in your case good and bad to your defense attorney under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 39.14.

One of the most common charges in Montgomery County is PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G. The charge of PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G will be assigned to one of four District Courts, namely the 9th District Court, 221st District Court, 359th District Court, and the 435th District Court. Prosecutors at the District Attorney's office are assigned to each District Court and are responsible for the prosecution of PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G charges.


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