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Jury Selection


Brian Foley Law PLLC offers Jury Consultation services in Conroe and Houston covering cases in Montgomery and Harris County.  Brian is a great local counsel for Montgomery County, Texas.  One of Brian's strengths is conducting voir dire and planning the jury selection process.  Personally picking or overseeing the selection of over 100 juries has allowed Brian to experiment and refine.  Now you can benefit from a consultation or hire Brian to pick your jury outright.  When selection is over you will have (1) identified problem jurors (2) saved friendly jurors and (3) developed your winning theme while building trust with the venire panel.   

Understanding the psychology of persuasion and the performance of trial allows Brian to help you start telling the story of your case while identifying the weakest jurors.  

Brian's favorite part of being a lawyer is talking with other lawyers about how to win the case from start to finish.  From what items are on the table to where you're standing when the jury arrives no stone is left unturned.  Call to make an appointment today.

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