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PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G Montgomery County Texas Criminal Defense Attorney - What happens after Arrest?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G is a third degree felony offense in the State of Texas and if you have been caught in The Woodlands Texas, Conroe, Texas or anywhere in Montgomery County, Texas with a vape pen of THC you are most likely going to be charged with this offense.

Police officers in Montgomery County make arrests for PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G every day. Depending on when you were arrested your case is going to be filed in one of four felony courts. The four felony courts are the 9th, 221st, 359th and 435th District Courts of Montgomery County.


After being arrested the police will bring you to the Montgomery County Jail located at 1 Criminal Justice Drive, Conroe Texas 77301. Once at the jail it can take from 24-48 hours to be booked in. You will then have to see a judge at probable cause court in order to be read bond conditions before being released.

The booking process consists of being fingerprinted, changed out of your street clothes into a jail jumpsuit, taking a mug shot, and finally being asked basic booking questions like identification of age, name, date of birth, address, and so forth. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that basic booking questions do not violate the 5th amendment's protections against self incrimination. This means that if they didn't read your rights to you then they can still ask these things once they arrive at the jail. If you are asked questions about what happened in the offense itself this would not be allowed unless you have voluntarily waived your right to an attorney after being read your Miranda rights.

After this process is complete you will have to wait for the next probable cause court. In Montgomery County this happens every day at around 9:00 a.m. This is called an Article 15.17 hearing and it is the first time they will ask you if you plan on retaining an attorney or you want to have one appointed to you. The Judge will read you your rights again and then may ask you questions about your ability to pay bond and if you have any ties to Montgomery County that would make it more likely you would appear in court if released on bond. The Judge will then set a bond amount which is sometimes lower than what the District Attorney has already set. If you have been arrested for PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G then the Judge will read you bond conditions which require you to report to a probation officer during the pendency of the criminal case.

Following bond conditions normally consists of reporting once a month to probation, not violating any other law or being arrested for a new offense, and drug testing. The drug testing is once a month and at random. However the method that is used to determine if you have to test or not requires you to call a phone number every day and see if it is your turn to be randomly drug tested. This process of requiring a phone call from the "client" every day is meant to be a constant reminder to avoid drug use during the bond period.

Bond conditions only end when the case ends through a dismissal, plea bargain, or trial.

If you have been arrested for PCS CS PG2 >= 1G < 4G in Montgomery County, don't wait to call a board certified criminal defense attorney familiar with the process in this area.


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