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Woodlands Criminal Defense Attorney - 5 mistakes people make when hiring a lawyer.

Try to avoid these 5 cardinal mistakes when looking to hire a lawyer. Here's what people do . . .

  1. They try to hire their friend who doesn't really do that kind of law. Most people when they need a criminal lawyer are not interested in posting to facebook, "Who's the best criminal defense attorney in the woodlands?" GO! Its not something people want to talk about or broadcast to all their friends. So the tools that make choosing a professional are not often used when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Some people do have a friend that is a lawyer. What ends up happening is they contact that person and either ask them to handle the case at a reduced or at no fee and then they are stuck with a lawyer who isn't really familiar with the filed of law that governs the case.

  2. They hire a large firm from out of town that employs multiple lawyers and has a lots of overhead costs. When you hire the huge firm it may be not be difficult to talk to the managing or named partner on the day you sign up. But try calling back after hours and getting through to the named partner. Ask up front what the firm's policy is with regard to client communication and if they have a reputation for making themselves available when you are in need. The firm might not even have an office in the jurisdiction in which the case has been filed. Lawyers who don't regularly practice in the courts here the case is filed can have a difficult time acclimating themselves to the environment.

  3. They hire the cheapest attorney or the one who accepts the case for the lowest price down. You get what you pay for in this life. If someone agrees to take your case and they are significantly less than what appears to be the going rate then you can be sure that you'll be getting less service in one way or the other. If it comes in the form of decreased time dedicated to the case or less years of experience dedicated to the area of law it can be damaging. If there is one thing in the world where you don't want to go with the cheapest option it is your lawyer.

  4. They hire the guy who guarantees a specific result. Besides it being unethical to guarantee a specific result, I don't know any good attorney that does this kind of thing. If you are talking to a lawyer and they guarantee you a specific result, run for the hills. This means they don't understand the judicial system or the multiple factors that must be evaluated before a case can be dismissed. Typically a prosecutor has to sign a dismissal which means that the decision has to be left to someone else.

  5. They wait too long to hire and attorney. When you need a criminal defense attorney you need one right away. If you've refused a Breath test for a DWI you only have 15 days to request a driver's license hearing or your license can be revoked. If your lawyer can get with the prosecutors quickly you may be able to avoid higher bond supervision fees, additional charges filed later, or f fines and fees. Some folks wait until they have had a court date and spoken with the prosecutor. Talking with the prosecutor for the State is not advisable. In fact every court in Montgomery County has a video instruction which says everything just short of talking to the prosecutors is the worst idea you've had today. He who represents himself has a fool for a client. This old saying is as true today as it was when it was written.

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